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Digital Supply Chain

The industrial IOT has the potential to transform digitally how the companies manage their supply chains and their logistics. With billions fo intelligent devices connected to the internet, the organizations have to access more information from their global suppliers.  The IoT enables closed-loop digital supply infrastructure, streamlining processes, predictive maintenance, and proactive replenishments. The IoT is a potential $2 trillion opportunity over the next 10 years. With all the devices “talking” across the IoT—communicating things like events, conditions, temperature, etc.—systems can make smarter and timely decisions.

The companies can experience several benefits due to digital transformation;

  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Data Backup and Security
  • Integrated Planning and Execution
  • Logistics Visibility
  • Smart Warehousing
  • Efficient spare parts and management
  • Autonomous and B2C Logistics
  • Prescriptive Supply Chain Analytics

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