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What is PRPC?
PRPC (PegaRULES Process Commander) is a software product created, licensed, and marketed by Pegasystems Inc (NASDAQ: PEGA). PRPC is the core component of Pegasystems’s “SmartBPM” suit of BPM (Business Process Management) solutions.
Pega, with PRPC, have the current industry leading BPM software platform, as recognised by 2 key respected industry analysts Forrester and Gartner. The accolade comes after being compared against similar platform offerings from vendors such as IBM, Chordiant, Smartstream, Lombardi and Savvion to name but a few.
PegaRULES Process Commander comes essentially as two discreet entities, “PegaRULES”, which is the core Java-based/Object-Oriented Rules engine, and “Process Commander”, which is a layer of pre-configured rules that are designed to provide a solid foundation to enable rapid onward development and customisation in order to create applications to fulfil the needs of the diverse client base using the technology.
Ultimately PRPC is a software platform that allows businesses the opportunity to migrate all their disparate, diverse and often complex business rules, practices and processes into one platform. The platform offers the possibility of streamlining, automating and documenting business processes in a way that can truly allow consolidation of multi-stream processing into one system. Through PRPC’s myriad service connection capabilities (such as SOAP, MQ, active file listening on directories etc…), it is possible to connect already existing enterprise applications to PRPC and pass to the platform messages, data or information and have such information parsed, extracted and interpreted for use either within user driven processes, or even system-driven events.
So, what does that really mean?
Think of PRPC as a box of sophisticated Lego. You are provided with a number of building blocks that enable you to quickly and easily build an application to suite the requirements of your business. The Lego blocks (or Rules as Pegasystems calls them) represent different parts of your application. There are rules for screens, decisions, correspondence, interfacing to external systems, etc. You can take these rules and put them together to design and build your solution.
This also means that it is very simple and easy to change your solution to suit the ever changing requirements of the business – you simply change the lego bricks around!!

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