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Wholesale and distribution is a widely spread business activity across the globe. Extending to every region with human population around the world, it’s one of the bridges that ensures the survival of economies and connects manufacturers with the end users in its own unique way.

In order to be effective, distribution enterprises need to have tools that can help them plan, assemble and deliver goods which their customers want, at the place they require and on the time they need them. With the ever-changing customer behaviors, distributors must have the flexibility to adjust operations and practices and should race ahead in adopting technologies that can help modernize their business. In simpler words, they need a powerful distribution ERP software to stay healthy and thrive in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Specifically built to meet the unique requirements of distributors, Focus Softnet’s distribution management solutions encompass every aspect of the business and can be customized to tailor-fit all major sub-verticals. Their intuitive user-interface can be customized to fit the different needs of all users and employees so that they can easily find the information relevant to their jobs and receive alerts if something requires their immediate attention. Users would be able to optimize every aspect of their operations, from sales and inventory to warehouse management and financials.

The solutions empower owners with total control and adaptability. With proven capabilities in order processing, pricing and rebates, procurement, supply chain management, financials, manufacturing, and services, it empowers distributors to take on new markets and focus on growth, customer engagements and localized service. By giving a broad visibility and unparalleled control over all operations, owners can manage transactions, suppliers, and customers, while simultaneously tracking thousands of inventory items.

These highly capable CRM and ERP systems enable users to identify opportunities and streamline sales operations. Further features such as analytics and alerts help in generating accurate forecasts for informed decision making and effective team & territory management.

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